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Brandon Powers
Brandon Powers
NRA Certified Instructor
Roy Polichnia
Roy Polichnia
NRA Certified Instructor
Georg LaBonte, Esq.
Georg LaBonte, Esq.
NRA Certified Instructor
John LaBonte
John LaBonte
NRA Certified Instructor
Indoor Shooting Range
  • Eye & Ear Protection is required at all times.
  • NEVER go in front of the firing line.
  • It is recommended you wash your hands with cold water after leaving the range.
  • Do not eat or drink on the range.
  • No firearm handling is permitted outside of your shooting stall.
  • Do not pass a loaded firearm to another person.
  • Expectant mothers and nursing mothers are not permitted on the range without physician's prior approval.
  • Bring any firearm you wish to shoot, unloaded and secured in a case or range bag.
  • Load and unload all firearms on the firing line, in your own shooting stall.
  • Keep your firearm pointing down range at all times (loading, unloading, clearing jams or other malfunctions).
  • Unload your firearm and leave the breach open when leaving the firing line.
  • If any problem should occur with your firearm, leave it pointed down range, attempt to clear it and/or ask for assistance from a Range Safety Officer.
  • Use the correct ammunition for your firearm.
  • Push your fallen brass in front of the firing line without disturbing other shooters. Any brass not collected or pushed in front of the line may be periodically removed by our staff to the keep the floors clean and safe for other shooters.
  • Only have one loaded firearm at your shooting stall.
  • Rapid fire is allowed with prior notification to Range Safety Officer.
  • Be courteous and aware of other shooters around you on the range.
  • Check with a Range Safety Officer if you are unsure if your firearm or ammunition is permitted.
  • Alert a Range Safety Officer of any unsafe practices witnessed on the range.
  • Ask a Range Safety Officer for clarification if you have any questions on the Range Rules.
  • In the event of an emergency please leave your equipment at your lane and follow the directions of the Range Safety Officer.
  • In general calibers are restricted to most non-magnum pistol and rifle 30.06 and smaller. Please ask a Range Safety Officer if you are concerned about your particular caliber.
  • No Incendiary, Steel Core, Steel or Aluminium Cased, Tracer, Explosive or Armor Piercing ammunition.
  • No drawing from a holster without prior approval from Range Safety Officer.
  • No shooting objects on the floor, walls or ceiling.
  • No cross lane firing.
  • No shooters may be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.
  • If you intend to do bodily injury to yourself or others you are not permitted on the range at any time.
  • Range Safety Officers (RSO) has the right to inspect all firearms, ammunition and equipment.
  • Shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied or supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times.


  • PUT DOWN your firearm
  • STEP BACK from the firing line


  • Safe to resume firing
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